OYRGCIK Kids Alarm Clock Children Sleep Trainer with Rechargeable Battery USB Charger Night Light Clock with 7 Colors Changing Lights 4 Rings for Toddlers Girls Boys Bedroom Teach Time to Wake, Orange
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  • 【Cute yet Beautiful Design】Charming design with 7 color changing lights which can be changed manually or automatically. There are two "ears", one to change the light mode, the other to turn off the alarm with one press

  • 【Multi-Function Display】 The clock clearly displays the current time, up to two alarms, Day/Night, Battery level, and three different emoticons with distinct colors to tell your child it is time to wake up, play, or sleep

  • 【Easy to Use】No complicated steps, just take a few minutes to read the User Manual and learn how to use the alarm clock. It is very easy to set the time and alarms

  • 【Long Battery Life】Built in 2400mAh battery provide up to 120 hours standby time while it is unplugged and fully charged (without light and screen off), 15 hours colored light changing playtime, 40 hours with night light. The alarm clock only requires a 5-6 hours of charging time

  • 【4 Different Rings】There are four different alarm sounds to choose from. Your child can pick the alarm sound that he or she wishes, and simply press +/- to set the volume. When the alarm rings, press the right ear to turn off the alarm sound, or press the left ear to turn off the light

Sleep Trainer 
This Children’s sleep trainer uses 7 colors and 3 emoticons with distinct colors to teach your kids when it's time to wake up, play, or sleep. When it turns yellow it's time to wake up, and when it is smile and glows green, it tells you it is time to start the day and play. When it shows a sleep emoticon with the purple light, that means it is time for bed. 

Long Battery Life 
This Children's Sleep Trainer has a built in 2400mAh battery for long lasting portability, supports charging via Micro USB cable, and only requires a 5-6 hours charging time. The LED screen will even show the time and alarm during charging, so that it can be used while connected to a power source. 

Cute yet Beautiful Clock 
Charming design with 7 color-changing lights and 2 “ears”. The LED screen clearly displays the current time with 3 different emoticons. A big smile with you all day long. 

Enjoy a Nice Sleep 
Use this alarm clock to avoid potential health hazards of Radio frequency (RF) waves from mobiles phones and the ticking sounds of analog alarm clock. Enjoy a relax and peaceful sleep. 

Night Light 
Create a soft, mood lighting with 7 color options. You can set colors to change in fast mode or slow mode, or choose one color to glow all night. You can stop the color you want when the light is changing, there are more than 7 color options if you stop it in slow mode. 


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